Amazon to Invest in Reliance for 9.99%stake

Amazon invests in reliance

We all have seen that this lockdown period has been a fortune for Reliance. It has already received a lot of funding from United States Companies. These companies even include the big tech giants such as Facebook, Apple, Google. Reliance has already given away it’s nearly 30%of equity to these companies in exchange for their investments which are worth more than 1.5 lakh crores.

This has been a very good sign for India, as it will help India to develop its infrastructure, and to provide new opportunities to its youth. Reliance is the most valuable company in India, and it is empowering India by providing the Services of Reliance Jio at a very low price.

As the results of these investments, the owner and CEO of Reliance has become the World’s fifth-richest person. This investment by Amazon will be done for Reliance Jio Mart, as Amazon already has the advantage of its big e-commerce platform, these both can be beneficial for each other.

Jio Mart was launched in May this year and had become a challenge for both Flipkart and Amazon. Now after this investment, Amazon Retail will also be helped.

Reliance CEO Mukesh Ambani has raised over 20 billion dollars from the tech giants during this lockdown period and has got almost doubled their value of shares. Recently Google has also invested 4.5 billion dollars in Reliance from the Indian Digitisation Fund which was 10 billion dollars.

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